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Managing pest infestations can prove to be very difficult, especially in specific locations like resort hotels. This is because pests can get in through several means including, but not limited to the guests, shipments of food that come into the facility, and even the workers. An uncontrolled pest problem in a space as big as a resort hotel can become a very unsavoury experience, and cost the management a lot of money.

We’ve come up with some suggestions to help maintain control over pest infestation at hotel resorts:

Environmental Monitoring

An environmental survey is necessary to observe the possibilities of; pests showing up on the property, the most common kinds of pests, and what attracts them.

The next step should include ensuring all habitual spaces for pests such as weed, shrubs, swampy areas and stagnant water are kept clean, drained and dry. Seal all cracks and crevices, and periodically monitor new entry points. You may also need to apply pesticides to areas that have recurring infestations.

Food Storage and Preparation

Pests are not just attracted to dirty or swampy areas; they also hover around rotten, spilled or exposed food. Food shipments are a daily activity in hotel resorts and it is important that the catering staff know to keep the food clean. This ensures that they do not carry pests on to the property. Bad food should be thrown out immediately, and food ingredients of any kind should be kept sealed and in a conducive environment until it is needed for use. Trash should be taken out regularly, kept away from the property and handled properly.

Bed bug control

One of the hardest infestations to control is a bed bug infestation. This is because different guests come in at different times and can carry bed bugs that have latched onto boxes and luggage into the hotel. While routine checks can help, it is important to treat any threat of a bed bug infestation as severe, contain it and seek out professional pest control agents. Daily routines such as changing and washing sheets should also be done meticulously.