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Bed bugs have been around for a long time. They’re fun to observe and learn about, but certainly not to have in your homes, in your bed or feeding on your blood.

Here are some facts to know about bed bugs, so you don’t play host to them.

Call the Fumigator

The first fact you should know is that a bed bug infestation is not something that can be fixed with a DIY method. DIY methods can only keep them away for a while, not permanently. It is important to call a professional pest controller to do the work.

All Access

Secondly, you should know that bed bugs can live and adapt to any environment. They can even find their way into super tidy and clean houses. Although they’re called bed bugs because they are typically found there more than anywhere else, they really can fit into anywhere in the house with a crevice or crack.

Survival of the Fittest

To buttress the first fact, you should know that bed bugs can go without having a blood meal from a human host for many months. So, while you think you may have gotten rid of them with that first ‘Search and kill’ mission, they are simply waiting to be close enough to you to feed again.

Bugs can survive in bearable heat and freezing temperatures. Baby bugs are sometimes hard to see because of their transparent skin texture. They move really fast and can hide in the tiniest spaces.

Bugs and Brains

Many bugs show traits of intelligence, especially regarding their feeding and ability to stay away from predatory eyes. Bed bugs aren’t different.

They’ll feed long enough to last them a while and quickly enough so you don’t notice. They know not to creep out in the daytime and can tell from the smell of carbon dioxide emitted by humans while sleeping that its night time.

Fun fact: Did you know that content of a bed bug’s saliva helps to numb the area that they bite when they feed? That’s why most humans don’t wake up when they get bitten!