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As it gets colder, it’s important to prepare your home for the changing seasons. This may include moving things around, getting broken stuff and appliances fixed, making provision for the colder weather and, keeping out familiar pests that show up in autumn seeking warmth.

These plans help you stay healthy, warm and help save on the financial cost of damage done for lack of preparation. Here are some things to do to control pest in autumn.

Seal Crevices and Cracks

Cluster flies are not the usual flies you see all year long. They are slightly larger and yellowish. These flies tend to search for warm places to nest in during autumn and are known to leave unsanitary droppings around the house. That’s not something you want getting into your food. You can manage or avoid them by sealing crevices, cracks or tiny points of entry ensuring that they don’t get in. Just to be extra careful, don’t leave food exposed and lying around the house.

Use Sticky Traps

The great thing about sticky traps is that they can be placed anywhere; on the wall, the floor, the cabinets, inside the closets, the pantry etc. As long as they are kept well away from areas where children play, they prove very effective in controlling crawling bugs and pests and sometimes, even flying ones.

Check your foundation

Checking your home’s foundation is also important because pests can get in through there. Pests can get it through cracks as tiny as a pinky finger. Expanding epoxy foam can help you seal all cracks, even the ones you can’t reach while helping you retain heat in your apartment for the increasing cold.

When water stays stagnant near home foundations, creaks can expand when the water freezes exposing homes to pest infestations. Faulty gutter systems can cause water to sit in certain areas of the foundation. It is therefore important to ensure that all gutter systems are cleaned and pass water smoothly before autumn is in full effect.